Apple Event: My predictions

Well, we ll love to play the guessing game, especially when it comes to Apple. So, here are my predictions for today’s events:

  1. iTunes announcement – a move to the ‘Cloud’ will be announced though it will be next year before its fully introduced.
  2. Along with this, I expect some announcement on about how it will better integrate with iTunes to make things more seemless … such as backing up one’s Apps so you can play them on multiple devices wherever you are.
  3. Update to the iPod Touch – expect FaceTime, A4 chip and new display.
  4. Retirement for the Classic iPod, finally. Possibly for the Shuffle too?
  5. Update to iWorks (version 11?).
  6. iTV with Apps and much cheaper price. Netflix in US this year and soemthing equivalent in UK next year (Lovefilm?).
  7. Smaller iPad – I don’t think so. Instead I think the iTouch will become the mini iPad (see above).

So, there you have. Only an hour or so to see if I am correct or if I have mega egg on face!

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