Apple iTV as low as $99?

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As rumours go, this one is one of those that you hope proves to be correct. If Apple does indeed announce a new iTV for $99 then it will certainly throw the cat amongst the pigeons! Already it seems some of the existing players in the media player market are reducing their prices in anticipation of today’s announcement in just over an hour.

However, rumours are just that and no-one but those privy to the facts inside of Apple know exactly what we can expect to see revealed. However, lets play the guessing game (its fun anyway!) and think about what this might mean.

As well as the hardware, there are expected to be other announcements related to the software and agreements with the networks and publishers. Already we have mentioned Apps for the new iTV. Others have wondered if the new iTV will be based on iOS 4 to bring it closer to the iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

The Wall Street Journal has stuck its neck out and said that Apple will announce $0.99 rentals on the revamped iTV. Bloomberg BusinessWeek is reporting Netflix (in the US) streaming will also be a feature.

If we do see a $99 Apple iTV and rentals for 99 cents what will we in the UK see? Will we see the iTV available for £65 and rentals of our favourite shows for 65p? I doubt it as we usually get stiffed when it comes to the exchange rate. My guess would be £79.99 and 99p tough I wouldn’t put it past Apple to pitch it at £99 and 99p respectively!

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