iPad bug – this time it’s real!

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

Personally, I am not surprised at the news that research shows the iPad is commonly infected with plenty of bugs. Now before Apple sends round the layers I am of course referring to real bugs and not virtual ones!

The New York Daily News went to the trouble of swabbing four iPads in various NYC Apple Stores and sent the swabs off to a lab for testing. Lo and behold, surprise, surprise, they managed to culture Staphylococcus Aureus, Candida Parapsilosis and Corynebacterium minutissimum from the iPad swabs.

Now, although these three are not the worst bugs you would wish to avoid, they can lead to serious health problems in certain conditions. Now, as a trained nurse who worked in Intensive Care for several years I wouldn’t want to see any of these near any of my patients. Out in the wild though most folk wouldn’t be bothered by them unless suffering from certain conditions (individuals on anti-rejection medication after a transplant for example). After all, most folk don’t go round sticking their fingers in their mouths after playing around with an iPad screen for a while whilst in an Apple Store do they?

Now, if you are somewhat paranoid my advice is to wash your hands frequently throughout the day and always after visiting the toilet (I see so many men fail to do this that I hate going to restaurants and pizza places where its easy for the salad to get man-handled. Don’t start me on pots of peanuts or mints at the bar either!).

If you are lucky enough to own an iPad (or indeed any touchscreen device) try not to let everyone wipe their fingers over the screen (difficult with kids around I know). You might want to use an alcohol wipe now again to wipe the screen clean and kill all known germs. If you follow this advice you are unlikely to suffer any infections from your contact with your touchscreen devices (or those belonging to others).

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