Apple eats Facebook for breakfast!

Well, not quite… at least not yet! Still, with Steve Jobs meeting up with Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg for dinner recently, who knows what they talked about. Could it be that instead of them discussing the likes of Ping (Apple’s social networking for iTunes) and Facebook Connect integration/collaboration, they were instead discussing something bigger? Much bigger. Like Apple spending some of its $51 billion cash mountain on buying Facebook.

Makes you think doesn’t it? It wasn’t that long ago that Apple was on its way out and talk was of Sony or Microsoft buying it up for peanuts. Now, here we are talking about one the richest companies in the world possibly buying up the biggest social networking company in the world.

So, seriously, could it ever happen? Well Apple can afford it if the opportunity  ever arises, that’s for sure. Facebook is valued at between $25-$35 million according to most analysts. Would Mark Zuckerberg ever want to sell though? How much would Facebook cost Apple as well… if it ever came to it the share price would be sure to rise?

When you examine the pros and cons of the scenario it starts to look an attractive win-win for both companies. Apple and Facebook don’t really compete with each other and what’s more, Facebook and Google are competitors, something which would make Facebook even more attractive to Steve Jobs. In addition, there would be a great deal of synergy in the two getting together. 500 million Facebook users make an attractive market for Apple’s devices and Apple’s FaceTime could  integrate well with Facebook’s Chat.

Mmmm… interesting. I recommend watching this space and see how things develop. Maybe, just maybe, tomorrow will reveal not just new Macbook Air laptops and a new face to OS X, but some announcement about closer co-operation between two of the hippest tech companies around.

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