iLife 11 on its way tomorrow?

There is plenty of speculation on what Apple is about to pull out of the proverbial hat tomorrow. Top of many rumour lists is iLife 11. According to TUAW, Amazon (Germany) let slip that a new version is due for release tomorrow.

Another hot rumour is that the ‘Back to the Mac’ event will include an announcement of a new Macbook Air. of course, as its just a rumour it may or may not happen but ‘details’ include a new design, two models and price reductions. AppleInsider reports that the new models will forgo a hard drive and an SSD, instead opting for something called an “SSD Card”, which apparently is something like a stick of RAM!

Back to the Mac

A Verzion iPhone is another rumour, along with a new OS X called ‘Lion’. No doubt that last one is down to the logo in the image above. My money is certainly on an update to OS X and I reckon that ‘Lion’ will feature somewhere in the name.

For what it’s worth here is my list of what tomorrow may bring:

  1. OS X update to ‘Lion’ version
  2. New Macbook Air models with improved battery life,  lower prices and possibly new storage media
  3. New iLife suite with more ‘Cloud’ features – possibly linked to new features in .mac/mobileme (
  4. Finally, going out on a limb here – new PowerMacs with improved CPU speeds, more RAM and SSD as standard in most models.

Only 24 hours or so to go before we see which rumours are just that.

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