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If you use Safari on a Mac then you may want to install some of the extensions that are now available since Apple added the feature to its popular browser platform.

You can, of course, find many on Apple’s site at but they don’t have a complete list as Apple likes to check them out for itself before it includes them.

Another source that is more complete is so why not head over there right now and check it out. You will find the latest extensions including previewForBlogger (from Prime Design Works), which allows you to immediately preview your blog post to Google’s Blogger (Blogspot). After installing it, when you access the pages “New Post” or “Edit Post”, the preview box is displayed below the text box.

You could just download the extension form the Prime Design Work site but of course you’d have to know it was there in the first place. Its much better to go to one site that lists all the extensions and then click on the links there. That way you don’t have to do numerous searches in Google.

So, well done to Safari Extensions for providing a very useful service to Safari enthusiasts.

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