The Future is Here! Macbook and iPad have a baby!

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Steve Jobs has announced ‘the future of notebooks’ in his keynote today at Apple’s Special Event.

He refers it to as something that brings together a Macbook and an iPad. He talks about the new unibody construction of the Macbook Air. They decided to do this so that they could have a thin notebook but still have a rigid body.

It has a full-size keyboard and trackpad, with no optical drive or hard drive. Solid State Storage is 2 x faster than hard drives, more reliable and 90% smaller, quieter and lighter – all great features for a notebook. Apple is the world’s largest user of flash memory. The flash memory is ‘bare’ and not in a SSD case. They are placed directly on the logic board to create more space for the batteries. You can have up to 256GB storage in the top-end model.

With 7 hours battery time for wireless web time (5 hours on the smaller model) and 30 days standby is another feature Steve promotes in his presentation.The battery is a large part of the interior hardware.

It also comes with a Facetime camera, just like the iPhone. There are two versions, a 13.3 inch and 11.6 inch (2.9 pounds and 2.3 pounds)

However, the disappointment for many will be that its CPU is still Core 2 Duo. The display is a back-lit LED with 1440 x 900 resolution. Graphics is driven by NVIDIA GeForce 320M GPU.


  • 11.6 inch, 1.4GHz, 64GB for $999
  • 11.6 inch, 1.4GHz, 128GB for $1199
  • 13.3 inch,1.86GHz, 128GB for $1299

UK prices unkown but expect almost parity (i.e. £999, £1199 and £1299).

They are also much greener, being mercury free, PVC free, arsenic free and highly recyclable.

Steve expresses great pride in the new models (doesn’t he always) and the new models are available to order right now…. once the Apple Store is back online.

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