Civilization V for Mac release this month

Civilization V
Image by microwavedboy via Flickr

I don’t often post about games, mainly because there are thousands of blogs out there that focus just on computer games. However, for Civ V I am willing to make an exception. Civilization is a game I have played quite a bit over the years and its one of the best strategy games around. Yes, it can be something of a time waster, but then that could be said of all computer games. Funny, when we played computer chess, no-one said we were wasting our lives but the same folk will say that of us playing certain computer games.

For me, life is more than just work and for everyone there is a need for what someone once called the ‘sacred duty of wasting time’. We all need time to relax, unwind from the pressures of the day and the stressful situations that life throws up every now and then. For those of us who like computers and technology in general, computer games can be a way to relax and unwind. Some studies even show that they can be good for you, improving co-ordinations skills and the like.

So, it looks like Civ V for the Mac is about to be released later this month. This will only be a couple of months since its release on the PC, a much shorter gap than we Mac gamers are used to. Surely this a sign that the Mac platform is being taken seriously now by the game developers. The introduction of a Mac client on Steam is another factor in this development and one that has to be applauded. Maybe the roaring success of games on the iPod Touch has a lot to do with it too. Whatever the reason, I am looking forward to upgrading from Civ 4 to the latest version.

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