Heart-warming story of iPad and disabled boy

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The New York Times recently carried a heart-warning story of how the iPad is helping a small boy communicate and improve his life, even though he is severely disabled by an incurable disease.

Owen Cain is dependent upon a respirator and he has difficulty even making the smallest of movements, due to him suffering from a debilitating motor-neuron disease since infancy.

Aged 7, Owen hasn’t the strength to even use a computer mouse. However, when a nurse happened to place an iPad within his reach he did something his mother had never seen before.

He aimed his left index finger at an icon on the screen, just barely touching it — and in doing so, he opened the application Gravitarium. This is an application that  plays music as users create landscapes of stars on the screen. For several years, Owen’s parents had tried several computer communications systems in an effort to help him overcome the restrictions of his disability, but the iPad was the first that worked on the first try.

Read the story in full on the New York Times site.

Looks like the iPad has found a niche market and I look forward to seeing more examples of the iPad being used to help people with disabilities interact with their world and gain some control over their lives.

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