Typekit enables you to use real fonts on your blog

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Typekit is easily the best way to use real fonts on your blog. Although it’s a subscription-based service for linking to high-quality Open Type fonts from some of the worlds best type foundries, you can use two fonts from a wide selection on one site for free, once you have registered.

The fonts are served from a global network on redundant servers, offering bulletproof service and incredible speed. In my experience it works well and I haven’t noticed any delay in rendering the pages of this blog. However, I would say that some browsers may not render the fonts as well as others (you know who you are!). I recommend testing your blog out in different browsers on Mac, PC and Linux platforms to be sure that everyone can see your blog and read your posts in all their glory as intended.

Check Typekit out and register (it’s free) so you can start using great fonts on your blog for free.

BTW for anyone who is interested I am currently using Molengo for the body text and Liberation Sans for the Headings.

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