7-inch iPad by Christmas?

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory
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Rumours are growing that Apple is about to release a 7-inch version of the iPad, complete with a USB port and two cameras. Some sources claim it will be released in time for Christmas, others that it will not be until early in 2011. The inclusion of two cameras indicates that Facetime will be a feature.

The reports have been lent credence by the Taiwanese Chinese-language Economic Daily News financial newspaper, which has a track record of making accurate report. It was the first source to say Apple was developing the iPad when others were convinced it was to be a netbook. The newspaper also claims that several Taiwanese companies will be involved in the production of the iPad 2.

However, we have to remember that Steve Jobs has in the past been somewhat disparaging about tablets with small screens, so one has to ask what the likelihood is of him giving the go ahead for a 7-inch version.



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