Black Friday Discounts – Today Only!

Macware Black Friday Deal on softwareA tradition has become established around Thanksgiving on a so-called ‘Black Friday‘ of  huge discounts on Apple products. This year is no exception. Apple itself offers discounts but they are not huge in comparison to the discounts available elsewhere, such as with software company MacWare, who are offering 50% discounts (owever, if you visit their Facebook page you can get an even bigger discount). Their discount is available on only a single item but is a great way of getting a particular product (such as MacFlux 3, an excellent HTML5 capable web editor al la Dreamweaver) at an excellent discounted price.

There are many more deals available online, so it’s worth checking out the likes of Best Buy (free $100 or $150 gift cards with most Mac purchases), Other World Computing (a range of deals) and of course, Apple, who are offering modest but still worthwhile discounts on purchases of new MacBook pro or MacBook Air laptops ($101 discount) and similar deals on a whole range of other products.

Remember, its only for today so get searching for the right deal. As for me, I found it was cheaper to buy a fresh copy of MacFlux 3 than to upgrade my existing copy.

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