Mac App Store due next week?

Mac App StoreRumours are that the Mac App Store is due to arrive next week. Announced as part of the preview of the next iteration of OS X (Lion), the Mac App Store is touted as the next great thing on the Mac platform. Designed to work just like the App Store for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, it will simplify the finding and downloading of software for your Mac.

Apple claims it will revolutionise the way we install applications on our computers and will use the same account details you already have registered in iTunes. Claiming that in seconds the application will be installed in your Dock and ready to go, it sounds like it will be the bees knees.

Another feature is that you will be able to install the apps on every Mac you own, as well as re-download them in the future if need be. The Mac App Store will also simplify keeping your apps up to date, keeping track of which ones you have installed and notifying you of updates.

This could prove to be the most significant change in the way we use our Macs and promises to make life simpler, especially for novices who are used to the way apps on their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad works.

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