MacPromo: 10 great Apps for £39.99!



MacPromo - 10 Great apps has an offer of 10 great apps help you save time on your Mac for just £39.99 but you need to hurry as the offer expires at the end of December.

The apps included are:

  1. TypeIt4Me 5
  2. PathFinder 5
  3. DragThing 5.9

The first 5,000 customers will also get Star Wars: Empire at War as a free bonus. The offer is great value as the normal price for all these apps would be £272.

Now, it has to be said that most buyers probably have some of these apps already in their arsenal but even so it represents good value. For example, MacFreelance 2 costs £31.69 so add another app and you are already making a saving. If you find just three or four of the apps useful and don’t already have alternatives then the value increases.

Of course, a lot of companies are offering discounts around Christmas so I doubt that it would actually cost you £272 to purchase all of these apps but even so, it is bound to cost more than £39.99!

For more information visit before the end of December.

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