Apple leads the field with surge in Mac sales

Apple Mac Portable sales from fiscal year 2002...
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Seems that it’s not only the iPad that is doing well, but the Mac is also experiencing a surge in sales. Maybe the success of the iPad is rubbing off and giving the Mac some help?

Whilst sales of PCs in general has fallen over the past 12 months, according to Gartner, sales of the Mac have grown significantly. PC shipments in the U.S. market totaled 19.1 million units in the fourth quarter — a 6.6 percent decline compared to the same period in 2009. HP continues to lead the U.S. market with a 29.3 percent share of fourth-quarter shipments. It seems that only Toshiba and Apple were the only vendors in the top five to post a positive year-over-year growth. Even without counting iPad sales, Apple’s Mac shipments led the field with 23.7 percent growth, a stunning performance by anyone’s reckoning.

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So, it’s looking like Apple can do nothing wrong at the moment and that, at least for the foreseeable future, its in a strong position to benefit when the economic downturn reverses and consumer confidence grows. With OS 10.7 (Lion) just around the corner, the recent Verzion iPhone, the debut of the already successful Mac App Store and the roaring success of the iPad, with the iPad 2 rumoured to be imminent, Apple’s share of the market and its share price are set to grow even further in the months ahead.

With the possibility of Apple also introducing new Macs with the latest Intel i3, i5 & i7 CPU range (USB3 perhaps as well?), Mac enthusiasts are set for an interesting year. Not so for Apple’s competitors though!

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