App Store for Mac a great success!

Pixelmator screenshot
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Seems like Steve Jobs continues to have the Midas touch and the App Store for the Mac just underlines how important he is to Apple. Certainly, his current leave of absence can only cause some to be anxious about the future the longer it lasts. In the meantime though, there is a lot to celebrate, not least the roaring success of the App Store for the Mac. The success of Pixelmator (a favourite graphics editor of mine from pre-App Store days) just shows how successful it has been for developers too. The news that in just 20 days there were over $1 Million worth of downloads for the app is an amazing feat and a sign of things to come.

Currently at No. 5, Pixelmator is an example of how the small independent developers can enjoy commercial success on the App Store.

At £17.99, the app is a great bargain. Originally costing $59.99 (if my memory serves me correctly) the app provides many of the features of Photoshop in a great GUI and is well worth the price.

Features include:

  • Layer-based image editing
  • Over 20 tools for cropping, painting, retouching and the like
  • Over 15 colour correction tools
  • Over 130 filters
  • New gradient tools
  • Import from several sources (camera, scanner, iPhone etc)
  • New transform tools
  • New selection tools
  • Share your gradients easily with others
  • Social networking integration (share images on Flickr, Facebook and Picasa)
  • WebP support
  • iPhoto and Aperture image browser

Check out or the App Store for more information. Updates are still available for anyone who bought their copy (like me) before it moved over to the App Store.

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