Mac App Store starts to see counterfeit titles

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Image via CrunchBase

Developer Wolfire, the company which has developed a game called Lugaru HD, has complained to Apple that another developer uploaded a title simply named Lugaru, charging $1 against Lugaru HD’s $10. The former is just a pirated, resubmitted version of HD, Wolfire notes.

So far, it seems Apple hasn’t reacted. However, this could just be the start of what could become a significant problem, unless acts strongly and takes measures to stamp out such piracy. Certainly, if the iOS App Store is anything to go by, unless they do something soon, the problem is bound to grow.

One positive side to all this is of course that the Mac App Store is now so popular that its no wonder that pirates and other charlatans are targeting it. There is big bucks to be made for the canny developer who comes up with a great app at the right price. Just ask the developers of Angry Birds or Doodle Jump.

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