iPhone due on 6th June?

New iPhone hand model

Rumours are sweeping the web that Apple will announce the iPhone 5 at the WWDC in June at the San Francisco’s Moscone Center. This would be in line with Apple’s previous announcements of the original iPhone and subsequent models. Three of the previous 4 models have been announced in the first week of the WWDC so it’s likely that Apple will indeed follow suit with the iPhone 5.

If so, what can we expect to see in the new iPhone? Certainly Apple will want to keep ahead of the Android platform and put paid to all those media articles about it losing ground to its biggest rival in the smartphone world. If it wishes to do so and to be seen to do so then I would expect to see the following features:

  1. New CPU – possibly the so-called A5, supposedly 4 times faster than the current A4
  2. Upgraded integrated graphics and video processor (IGPU) – possibly from Imagination Technologies’ and offering twice the performance of the current model
  3. In-built voice recognition – native to the iPhone rather than relying on third-party solutions
  4. Improved camera and video capability
  5. Combined CDMA and GSM – simplyfying the production and marketing of the iPhone across territories

This could mean that we will see Skype available on the iPhone and this would certainly help Apple play ‘catch-up’ with the Android platform in one area where it currently lags.

Whatever the truth of the rumours concerning features, it does seem likely that we shall see  the iPhone this summer. In view of that  have decided to postpone my intention to purchase the iPhone 4 and instead make do with a cheap handset on my current contract until then.

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