New MacBook Pro lineup this week?

Sandy Bridge CPUThe web is rife with imminent updates to Apple’s MacBook Pro range with as many as 5 new models, sporting the new Intel Sandy Bridge CPU. Reportedly, the range will include two 13″ models, two 15″ models and a 17″ model. This presumably means that there will be a choice of CPU speeds on the lower-end models, something we have seen in the past from Apple.

So, what can we expect to see this coming Thursday when the new models appear (if indeed the rumours are correct)? My guess is that as well as the Sandy Bridge CPU (a given really as its the only gig in town as far as new processors go with AMD yet to release its rival), we will see improvements to battery life, screen resolution (not as high as the iPhone screen though) and cheaper SSD options.

It would be nice, in these difficult economic times, to also see some reductions in price though Apple is not known for competing on price. However, we may see relatively better specs for the price compared to the existing range (other than in the CPU department of course), so hard drive capacities may be increased.

Speculation is rife too about the new models including Intel’s Light peak technology, offering data transfer at 10Gb/s in both directions simultaneously. This is twice as fast as USB 3.0 and if true may well sound the end for USB 3.0, bearing in mind that Intel doesn’t even include USB 3.0 on its motherboards and Apple has avoided it altogether.

So, it’s not long to wait now until we know for sure but it can only be good news for those of us who have worried that Apple might be in danger of neglecting the Mac in favour of the iPhone and iPad platform.

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