MobileMe to be a free service?

Apple's MobileMe serviceApple has long received criticism for the both the cost of and the lack of features available in its MobileMe service. I have persevered for many year with the service, mainly because its been reliable and unlike some services, is sure to be around for a ling time. There’s nothing worse than backing up your gigabytes of data to the cloud only to find that some months later the service has ceased to exist and you have to start all over again. Not only that, in the early days many such services were not Mac friendly and so Apple’s offering was often the best option, even it left a lot to desire in terms of features and value for money.

Now it seems we may be about to see the service go free. You can no longer purchase MobileMe from Apple’s Store, though the 60-day trial remains available. It does tell you the price if you wish to continue after the trial period but there appears no way to actually purchase. There has been much talk o MobileMe going free with Apple about to open a new massive data centre in North Carolina, bigger than its existing data centre in Newark, California.

Rumours too of a mini iPhone that relies on the user being able to store their data ‘in the cloud’ have added weight to the rumours, with a revamped MobileMe providing a digital “locker” for photos, video and online music. let’s hope that if true, Apple has some reward for long-time users like myself who kept faith with them all these years.


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