iPad wins ‘Best Gadget 2010 Award’ from Engadget

iPad wins Gadget of the year (2010) awardThe iPad has won the ‘Gadget of the Year’ Award from Engadget, saying “The iPad won this one going away — there’s just no denying the influence Apple’s tablet had on the industry this year.

It’s no surprise really that it won, after all what other product could single-handedly change a whole industry and at the same time as effectively creating a whole new market (others tried but failed miserably) also cause the demise (albeit a slow and lingering one) of another – I’m talking netbooks here?

No, there simply was no other candidate that has had such an impact on the consumer electronics sector and when you look at the number of pretenders to it’s throne and realise that the vast majority of them are pathetic clones, then it could only have been the iPad.

Some may have argued for the Microsoft Kinect, but that won it’s own award for ‘Game Accessory of the Year’, so that’s that.

Question is, will Apple win the award again next year when the iPad 2 has been around for a while (if all the predictions prove true and we see it appear later this year) or will be some other uber-Tablet, possibly a Samsung Galaxy 2 or some other Android-based Tablet?


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