Tomorrow is the Big Day!

iPhone 4 with FaceTimeTomorrow Apple will be revealing something at its special event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco… we just don’t know for sure what it will be though most money is on the iPad 2. Certainly there are a couple good reasons to expect that this will certainly be a major part of whatever takes place tomorrow:

  • It’s a year now since the iPad was announced and coming up to a year since it first became available
  • Stock of the existing model is running low, a good sign that it’s replacement is about to be revealed.

Other possible announcements are:

  • A white iPad – even though the white iPhone we were promised has yet to arrive
  • A mini iPhone, together with….
  • Free service so we can all store our iTunes files in the cloud and stream them to our iOS devices and our Macs
  • A demo of the latest build of Lion
  • Steve Jobs putting in an appearance, either on stage or possibly even via FaceTime
  • Possibly some announcement from Steve  about his long-term future with Apple..

Whatever the day will bring we don’t have lon to wait, that’s for sure.