Getting to grips with Mac Flux

What You See Is What You Get

Mac Flux is a web design package for the Mac, akin to Dreamweaver. Indeed, some are calling it the ‘Dreamweaver Killer’. Now the only version of DW I ever used was the first one so I am no expert on it, nor am I an expert on web coding in general. Yes I know some HTML and I can find my way around editing css stylesheets etc. I even know a small amount of php stuff, at least enough to help me tweak or troubleshoot my own sites.

Well, I am starting out on my journey with Flux and the latest version (version 3) is certainly a complex beast. If you are proficient in php, css and html you will be fine. If you are, like me, a bit of a novice, then you will likely find it tough going. However, if you are prepared to learn and to put the time in then I can’t think of a better piece of software to help you achieve your goals.

It can use some CODA plugin as well as coming with a selection of its own.

New in Version 3:

• Tab support in Page Designer
• List & tree views in File manager
• Widget palette – Create easy galleries and jQuery effects
• Rich HTML5 support (including HTML5 Video)
• Color swatches support, import from colourlovers
• New professional user interface with MinimalUI
• WebKit support like transforms etc…
• ePub support
• Plugins (limited Coda Plugin support)
• Google Font API Support

Cost is £69.99 (or £34.99 upgrade).

Why not check it out for yourself by visiting You can download a trial

2 thoughts on “Getting to grips with Mac Flux

  1. I am struggling here with this MacFlux and can’t find much support. I started a site in it. I published to to see it live. The published site looks nothing like it is supposed to! The images don’t show and background is just a banana color. I need help! Where do I go?!


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