What era are you living in?

So, according to Apple we are now in a post-pc era, with Apple, of course, taking all the credit for ushering in this utopian age of iPods, iPhones and iPads!

So my question to you is, which era are you living in? I guess if you are reading this blog then you probably have at least one of the holy trinity of devices, possibly all three. In that case then you most likely agree with Apple that we are now in a post-pc era. However, what of you don’t actually own any of these three miracles of technology… like me for instance. Does that mean we are not living in the post-pc era, that we are in fact living in the past, technologically speaking?

Well, Steve Jobs may disagree with me but even though I don’t own an iPod, iPhone or iPad I do see us living in a truly post-pc era. Not that the demise of the pc has finally come, far from it. But, the landscape has changed forever and Apple truly can take the credit for that.

I have owned several Macs and am writing this blog on my second Intel-based MacBook Pro (my daughter uses my old Core 2 model). I even have the iMac with the swivel screen sitting on my desk and it still gets used on occasion, as well as a G4 in the shed, alongside my old PowerMac desktop. Both my son and daughter have iPod Touches and my son still has his old 1st generation iPod shuffle.

I use Mac App Store on my MacBook Pro and although my son has a PC and I use one at work (alongside my laptop) I see the Mac OS becoming more like iOS as times goes by. The influence of iOS can only grow over time and as processors etc get smaller and more powerful we are bound to see the desktop become less important. Just look at how the size and power of desktop pcs and laptops has reduced over recent years, alongside ever more powerful smartphones.

So, I guess we are all living in the post-pc era, whether we are Mac users or not.


2 thoughts on “What era are you living in?

  1. Sorry I disagree . I own neither of the holy trinity but do have an imac. My home however also contains a desktop pc, two netbooks and a laptop. Pc’s are still by and large industry standard and macs, good as they may be lag behind in terms of numbers sold. Post pc? I don’t think so!


    • Thanks for the comment Geoff. However, I refer you to my comment in the post: “Not that the demise of the pc has finally come, far from it. But, the landscape has changed forever and Apple truly can take the credit for that.”

      My point is not that the Mac is better than the pc (as in Windows) but that the pc (as in desktop/laptop) was now not the dominant space where progress is being forged. My point is that as smartphones, tablets and the like become more popular, the traditional pc (as in desktop/laptop) will gradually become less important. Yes you are right to point out the difference in numbers between Macs and Windows pcs (not forgetting Linux and consoles too). My point is that already smartphones and tablets (90% of which are iPads) outnumber pcs and will eventually displace them. Gaming on the iOS and Android platforms is over-taking console and pc gaming as well.

      According to the counter at the IDC, smartphone makes as a whole managed to ship out approximately 100.9 million devices in Q4 2010 – which is a glaring 87.2 percent increase from the same period last year. Conversely, PC makers shipped out roughly 92.1 million units in Q4 2010 with only an increase of 5.5 percent year over year.

      So, in that sense I still believe we are now in the post-pc era.



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