Apple’s rivals ponder their responses to iPad 2

Samsung Galaxy TabletIt seems that rival manufacturers are struggling to know how to respond to Apple’s iPad 2. Lee Don-joo, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile division, said that Apple has presented new challenges for the South Korean company with a thinner mobile gadget that is priced the same as its predecessor.

He also went on to say that SAmsung would have to reconsider it’s plans for the next version of it’s Galaxy Tablet, saying “We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate,” Lee told Yonhap News Agency. “Apple made it very thin.”

So, even though some have criticised Apple for not making the iPad 2 even better than it is, it seems that Apple still leads the field and that it’s rivals are once again playing ‘catch up’.

Price is one aspect that it’s rivals are finding difficult to compete on it seems. When you consider that Apple has in effect doubled the speed of the iPad (even more as regards graphics capability it seems with Apple itself claiming a 9x increase), as well as adding two cameras, video capability and done all this whilst keeping the new model at the same price as the original one, its no wonder there are signs of panic out there.

As far as specification goes, it’s rivals are somewhat closer and some may even say, ahead of Apple. However, its not all down to specification, rather users rate usability higher. As we have seen already, some tablets that have hit the market with claims of a great specification have simply not caught the imagination of the buying public. Contrast this with the iPad that many claimed would not sell and yet has gone on to be a roaring success.

Anyone remember the JooJoo (formerly known as the Crunchpad), or how about the HP Slate or even Microsoft’s own Courier? All of these were announced in recent years with great pomp and simply died, even failing to get released in some cases. They were simply dropped by their manufacturers before ever getting into the hands of real customers (as averse to tech journalists).

So, will it’s rivals be up to the job of coming with a worthy competitor to the iPad of will 2011 be Apple’s year again? I guess time will tell but don’t hold your breath!

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