iPhone 5 to have redesigned antenna?

iPhone 5With the debut of the iPad 2 everyone seems to be turning their attention to the next big thing, namely the iPhone 5. Rumoured and widely expected to be arriving this June (possibly July), the iPhone 5 has a lot riding on it. After the issues Apple had with the antenna, there has been much speculation about how Apple will avoid a repeat of the problem.

Several sites are claiming that the antenna has been redesigned completely. One site in China is saying that the back of the iPhone 5 will be revamped to be of aluminium with a plastic Apple logo on the back to help improve wireless performance. This will avoid the so-called ‘grip of death’ seen in the iPhone 4.

Bearing in mind that despite all the fuss made following the launch of the iPhone 4, it has been a best-seller and the antenna issue hardly gets a mention these days. So, how great the need is for any redesign is debatable, though I doubt Apple will want to risk any backlash that might arise if they left it unchanged.

The antenna may not be the only focus of attention either, with rumours of a white iPhone 5 from Day 1, as well as the possibility of a cheaper, smaller iPhone, making use of the Cloud for storage (with perhaps me.com becoming a free service – see earlier post)?

Guess we will have to wait and see. There may be more corroborating evidence leaking out in the future whilst we await the debut of the iPhone 5 but until then its just rumours, albeit it from a fairly successful source as far as previous predictions go.

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