iOS 5 due next month?

iPad 2 WiFI & 3GWith the launch of the iPad 2 out of the way, attention has now turned to the iPhone 5. However, both the iPad the iPhone would be nothing wihout iOS, so its not surprising that folks are now speculating on the next major release of iOS. Rumours are that we will see iOS 5 released next month, possibly at the same time as Apple makes a significant upgrade to MobileMe, possibly integrating it into iOS and making it free.

It seems that a German site kicked things off and if it has got things correct we can expect to see the announcement made in early April at an event to be held on the Apple campus in Cupertino, California. Exactly what features we can expect to see is anyone’s guess. So, its not surprising to see folks speculating and compiling their own ‘wish list’. Here is a round-up of the most popular:

  1. Game Centre – it would be a popular feature to see it integrate with Facebook and Twitter so you can connect to your friends more easily than currently.
  2. AirPrint – the ability to print to certain HP printers is underwhelming for most folk. Hopefully Apple will make it possible to print to any printer from your iOS device.
  3. Multi-sync – currently you have choose which computer you sync your device with. How about allowing you to sync with multiple computers?
  4. Notifications – improving this aspect of iOS would make most people a lot happier, especially if there was a way of stopping them disappearing before you have even noticed they are there.
  5. Wireless syncing –  we have been waiting for this for oh so long. Hackers have made it possible with jail-broken devices so how about it Apple?
  6. Voice commands – a much more comprehensive  set of commands would be at the top of many users. Imagine being able to answer emails when on the move just by using voice commands!
  7. Improved Hotspot – 3 devices is too few. How about leaving it up to us Apple as to how many devices we connect and use up our data?
  8. Gesture support – pulled from the final 4.3 release after making its debut in the beta.
  9. Android-style lock – instead if using a pin number, how about using a cool gesture instead?
  10. Flash support – Adobe and Apple don’t exactly see eye to eye on this one but many users would love them to make up and see Flash on iOS devices.

So, that’s a round-up of the most popular ones doing the rounds at the moment. If you have any favourites of your own why not share them?


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