The Brit is not coming home!

Jonathan Ive

Jonathan Ive

When British films do well in Hollywood you often hear the phrase “The Brits are coming!”.Well, in the world of Apple, one Brit is perhaps a celebrity more than any other and that’s Jonathan Ive, Apple’s Senior Vice President of product design. He has been perhaps the most important individual (after Steve Jobs of course) behind the renaissance of Apple these past 15 years and certainly,without his creative input its doubtful that Apple would still be here.

Cast your mind back to when Apple was losing money like nobody’s business and talk was of a company like Dell or Sony buying it up for peanuts and possibly killing it off. Along comes Steve Jobs and not only did he bring back the passion to Apple and a good business head, but he also saw the talent that is Jonathan Ive. Thanks to Jonathan Ive we have seen Apple bring out such iconic devices as the iMac, the iPhone and the iPad that have wowed us and  made Apple into such as successful company.

Rumours have been flying around the web for a while now that Jonathan Ive was intending to leave Apple and return to the UK. certainly, he could afford to do so if he so wished and he has a £4 million pad waiting for him when he does. Talk was that he wanted his kids to be educated in Britain and so was contemplating a move back here. However, according to an interview in the Daily Mail last week this is not going to happen. If true, this should calm the fears of those worried about Apple’s future post-Jobs. It would also be good news for those of us looking forward to many more years of Apple coming up with great and innovative designs full of cutting-edge technology.

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