Windows 8 to have Time Machine clone

Windows 8 screenshotRumours are that Windows 8 will come with Microsoft’s version of Time Machine, enabling easy backups from within the OS. Although Vista had something similar (Shadow Copies) Apple’s Time Machine preceded this by around 2 years. Certainly, Apple made a better job of the interface and user-friendliness of the software than did Microsoft, but then that is a given most of the time.

As always, it seems Microsoft copies the best of Apple’s innovations, only usually a few years after Apple debuts them and then somewhat poorly. At least that’s the argument that most Mac fans would make.

Facial recognition and tablet computers are apparently a part of Microsoft’s Windows 8, along with improved start-up times. However, so far these are just rumours and we will have to wait a while longer before we have confirmation of Window 8’s official features list.


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