Microsoft’s CEO rated worst CEO of Tech Companies

Steve Ballmer

Unlike Steve Jobs. Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has never been the darling of the tech media. According to the site his approval rating from his employees is the lowest of any major tech company — a dismal 40%, down from 46% last year.

In contrast, Steve Jobs has a rating of 95% and Eric Schmidt of Google has a rating of 96%. In fact, of the top 12 tech companies surveyed, Ballmers was the worst CEO and Schmidt was the best. The largest year-on-year decline however belongs to Yahoo’s Carol Bartz, after she started off with a 77% approval rating, which was more than twice the approval rating of her predecessor Jerry Yang, who had a 34% approval upon his departure.  In the past 12 months, Bartz’s approval has dropped to 50%.

You can view the full chart and comments at

Whether this poor performance will lead to calls for Steve Ballmer to go remains to be seen. There have been rumblings in recent months due to the lacklustre performance of Microsoft in the mobile sector and its failure to come up with a response to the iPad. Some have argued that Microsoft Office has dominated the company’s outlook so much that innovation in the mobile devices sector has been stifled or worse, actively resisted lest it lead to a resources being taken away from Office development.

Certainly, Microsoft has lost the plot as far as the smart phone and tablet sectors are concerned.





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