MacScan 2.8 Released for Mac

MacScan anti-spyware and anti-malware software for Mac

According to the press release, MacScan 2.8 Anti-Malware Privacy & Security for Mac OS X “enhances protection against the latest threats for Mac OS X” whilst “adding usability enhancements and bug fixes. Apparently, it has also been updated to work with Firefox 4 when removing blacklisted tracking cookies. Users can now remove over 10000 known cookies for adware and malware with a single click and without losing any of their saved cookies. Originally introduced in January 2006, the software has been continually developed by SecureMac. It protects against Spyware and rogue cookies.

Upgrades for previous 2.x versions is free. You can also download a demo at

It is available for $29.99 or you can purchase a Family Pack (for three Macs) for $49.99. UK pricing depends on currency conversion at the time of purchase (PayPal’s conversion isn’t as favourable as some other means of payment).


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