Quicksilver is back!

Quicksilver utility for Mac

Quicksilver is the ultimate file launching and manipulation utility and for a while was the must-have utility for the Mac. However, after its developer got snatched up by Google, it withered on the vine and and fell behind with each new update to the Mac OS.

However, it seems now that it is back and has been updated by a secretive group of developers, at least according to the LoveQuicksilver blog.

Quicksilver version number

Latest version according to the blog is ß59 (3842) and comes with various updates:

Auto Update of Application using QSApp.com (this is the last time you’ll ever have to go looking for a new release!)
Automatic updates. No-one will be waiting a year or more for the next version…

‘Open Url in Background action’. Also set as alternate action to ‘Open URL’ (hit ⌘⏎)
Great for opening links for later reading.

Speed improvements through the use of ‘fast enumeration’ in Leopard and Snow Leopard
Enumerates, er… fastly.

PPC build support removed
Sorry, Power users. ß54 still works great in Tiger, and is very usable in Leopard. A lot of the current changes are fixes for features that broke after that.

‘Latest Download’ proxy, corresponding to the latest file in the ~/Downloads folder
Pull this up in the first pane and the relevant file is automatically displayed. No need for a rescan of the catalog first. Rename it, move it, and open it before even leaving the browser.

For the full list check out the update at http://lovequicksilver.com/post/4658001693/quicksilver-lives-again

On a personal note I did use Quicksilver and found it a very useful utility but once it got buggy I gave up and moved on. Looks like I need to revisit it.


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