Enterprise adopting iPhones and iPads

Chart showing device activationsIt seems that enterprises are  adopting the iPhone and iPad in increasing numbers. What’s good news for Apple is that Android is comparatively nowhere. A report by Good Technology shows that the Motorola Droid lags far behind the iPad in terms of activations by Good Technology’s customers. The release of the Verzion iPhone has also significantly boosted the adoption of the iPhone too.

Their full report gives further details of the success of the iPhone and the iPad in the enterprise  market. It makes interesting reading and can only be seen as further good news for Apple in its battle against the Android platform.


White iPhone due in 2 days!

9to5mac.com is claiming that the white iPhone is due to hit stores in a couple of days on 27th April. It has posted the following screenshot:

White iPhone launch date

Apparently, it is an inventory screenshot from Best Buy Stores, provided to them by an insider. They also claim that shipments of the new model have already reached other retailers outside the USA, including Vodafone in the UK. Its looking like there may be shortages though of the 32GB version, though there should be adequate numbers of the 16GB version. Somehow, I feel the pent-up demand for the white model is such that what units are available will soon be sold out. For the moment, the Apple site is showing only the familiar black model and no word of the white one.