Data Rescue3.1 by ProSoft

Data Rescue 3 - For Macintosh

Data Rescue 3.1 by ProSoft is one of the programs available as part of the MacLegion Spring Bundle.


Data Rescue 3 is the best digital data recovery software on the market for recovering files from a problem hard drive or that have been previously deleted. Data Rescue 3 is for computer data recovery and works when other tools fail.

Data Rescue 3 is also completely safe to use since it does not attempt any risky repairs to the drive it’s scanning. Data Rescue 3 is the safest, most powerful software for data recovery. Data Rescue 3 is the same software used by many data recovery services, law enforcement, all major branches of the U.S. Military and major intelligence agencies.

You will need to save your recovered files to either an internal or external hard drive (USB or FireWire), removable media device (such as a Zip or MO) or a networked drive.

You can read more about Data Rescue 3.1 for Macintosh on the ProSoft site. Normally, it retails for $99 so by purchasing the MacLegion Spring Bundle not only do you save almost $50 on this program but you get lots more for free (in effect)!

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