Contactizer Pro available as part of MacLegion Promotion

Contactizer Pro

Contactizer Pro from Objective Decision LLC is included in the MacLegion Spring Promotion Bundle. Normally retailing for $119.90, you can get Contactizer Pro along with ten other apps for the bargain price of just $49.99. There are just over 14 days left and already sales have reached 1667. Bearing in mind that only the first 9000 purchasers get HDRtist Pro included in the bundle its probably a good idea not to delay any longer and head over to MacLegion’s site right now.

“Contactizer Pro 3.8 is an amazing all-in-one solution for managing, sharing and organizing your personal and business activities. Following the prodigious success of it first release, Contactizer Pro makes your business management experience more efficient, productive and enjoyable. Contactizer Pro combines a wealth of innovative features with an intuitive interface to create a clean and elegant package specifically built for Mac OS X.”

Objective Decision LLC

Certainly, the quality and value of the apps included in the bundle make it extremely good value for money and its nice to see apps that don’t normally make it into such bundles.


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