White iPhone 4 now available!

White iPhone 4Finally, the white iPhone 4 hits the shelves! The Apple Online Store has been updated and is now showing the long-awaited model is now available to order.

White iPhone 4 on Apple online store

Available with 5 business days being the quoted despatch time, compared to 2 business days for the black models. Whether this will change is yet to be seen as its early days. Whatever the cause fo the long delay in its availability we don’t know for sure if recent events in Japan will have any impact on the supply of components.

The other unknown is, of course, how rumours of the expected delay to the arrival of the iPhone 5 (or will be 4S?) will impact sales. Will many customers hold out for the arrival of the next generation or have some been holding for so long that they just can’t wait any longer? Also, TUAW is reporting that the new model may be a little fatter than the current black versions. It certainly looks like it is in the image in their post “does this white paint make me look fat?”


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