Sandy Bridge iMacs this week?

Rumours are rife that we will see new iMacs with the Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs released as early as 4 May. With desktops now making up around only a quarter of Apple shipments (compared to more than half just 5 years ago), it has seemed to many that Apple has been neglecting this sector of its business in favour of the iPhone, iPad and Macbook Pro devices.

Certainly, a refresh is about due (9 months is a long time in this business) and with the new processor range recently featuring in Macbook Pros, it was expected that the desktop range would do so too.

Apple's iMac computersI have already posted my thoughts on what the new models may contain in terms of features and specification, so we are only days away from knowing how right (or wrong) I was. certainly, as well as the new CPU we should see the introduction of Thunderbolt and it would be strange not to see faster graphics, so expect AMD Radeon 6000 series GPUs. Whether of not we will also see changes to the screen size is uncertain and I am not expecting this with any degree of certainty.

Versions of the company’s hot-selling MacBook Airs are mooted as due to receive Thunderbolt while adopting Intel’s latest low-voltage Core i chips. So, there is plenty to keep the Apple fan happy over the next few months. What with the iPhone 5 and iOS 5 due later this year, the rumoured iCloud replacement service for MobileMe and the arrival of an updated Final Cut Pro its turning into a bumper year for Apple and its customers.

Expect the new iMacs to be available by June, though some are indicating they may well be available as early as 3rd May.


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