Apple and Nuance Communications partnership

Nuance Communications

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Seems that Apple and Nuance Communications are working in partnership to leverage the voice recognition technology of Nuance in Apple’s new data centre (see earlier post). Rumours are that Apple may be planning to use Nuance software to provide services to iOS users and possibly as part of an iCloud service, rumoured to be the replacement for MobileMe.

Certainly, the partnership with Nuance is a very smart move by Apple and will allow them more freedom than relying on third-party servers. Coming as it does after Apple’s acquisition of Siri last year, it all seems such a natural development. Expect to see an announcement at WWDC in June.

In response to the question why doesn’t Apple just buy Nuance Communications instead of entering into partnership with them? Simply put, if they bought Nuance (value @ $6billion) then all its partnerships with other companies (of which there are many keys ones) would terminate and Apple wouldn’t get everything its getting through the partnership.


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