iCloud online music streaming announcement imminent?

iCloud ServiceThe much rumoured iCloud online music streaming service may soon be announced, if recent buzz online is anything to go by. Rumours are that Apple is close to completing all the required deals with the big four record labels (EMI, Sony, Warner and Universal Music). Universal has been the one that has been holding out, it seems, but rumours are that they are close to signing an agreement with Apple to license its portfolio for the iCloud service.

As well as the record labels of course, Apple has had to negotiate with the music publishers, of which there are many more than there are major record labels. One issue has been that the music publishers are to get more than their fair share of the royalties, at least according to the record labels. It seems Apple has been playing the two off against each other in order to get the best deal it can. As far as the customer is concerned, all this can only be good news as it will mean cheaper subscriptions. Lets hope that everyone comes to a mutually satisfying arrangement soon. Better still, lets hope its all a done deal in time for the WWDC on 6th June.

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