WWDC to see back-to-school promotion?

The brushed aluminum back of the iPad Wi-Fi

Image via Wikipedia

As the time for Apple’s WWDC draws ever closer the rumours about what it may herald grow with each passing day. Of course, most folk expect to see announcements about iOS and the iPhone, along with Lion. However, folk are always looking for a great deal and even though we are all used to paying premium prices for our love of all things Apple, from time to time Apple offers some great deals.

One deal that everyone looks forward to (parents and students alike at least) is the back-to school promotion. Each year Apple offers deals whereby if you buy new Apple kit (usually a new iMac or Macbook) you get a free or heavily discounted iPod. Rumour is that Apple will be offering either a free iPod Touch or $229 towards the purchase of another model of iPod. Question is, with the ever growing popularity of the iPad, will Apple make it possible to use this towards the cost of an iPad? It would certainly be a popular offer and I reckon that many folk would prefer an iPad to any iPod.

I guess we will have to wait and see. At least we haven’t got long to wait. Shame that whatever it will be, its only for educational purchasers.


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