iCloud confirmed by Apple – but what is it exactly?

iCloud ServiceSo, Apple has confirmed what the WWDC will cover but not in detail. So we know that iCloud, iOS and Lion but we don’t much more that is new. All Apple will say about iCloud is that Steve Jobs will be introducing “Apple’s upcoming cloud service offering”. Still, at least its confirmation that MobileMe is about to replaced as there would be no point in continuing it alongside iCloud. Whether iCloud is going to be much more than MobileMe is anyone’s guess (unless you are ‘in the loop’). However, it wouldn’t make much sense if it was offering basically the same service. So, this has led to more speculation about exactly what we will be getting with iCloud and also if we will have to pay for it or will it be free?

The use of the term “cloud services” would seem to indicate that this is going to be something beyond an upgrade to iTunes to allow music streaming from “the cloud”. Could we see a truly seamless service between desktop, iPad and iPhone with one’s date (of all kinds) synced on the go with little user intervention? It would certainly be a step up from MobileMe and iDisk. If DropBox can offer its excellent service that ‘just works’ then Apple should be able to go one better.

Certainly, whatever it will turn out to be, iCloud will no doubt integrate fully with iOS5 and Lion. This will make Apple’s platform even more attractive and should build on the recent continuing success of the iPad and iPhone.


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