Apple’s next product announcement?

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Following on from WWDC attention has been turning to what we can expect from Apple next. How soon we get bored it would seem, as if the announcements around Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud weren’t enough to satisfy. Well, it seems like we may not have long to wait to get our next fix and learn what Apple has in store for us. Sources have told 9to5Mac that Apple will be holding one of their retail store overnights on Tuesday.

This could mean Apple is about to reveal the next update to the MacBook Air or possibly a revamp of the Mac Pro range.Other possibilities are an update to the Mac mini, Airport or something related to Apple’s Back to School campaign, due around now. It could even be related to software, with possibly an update to iWork.

My own feeling is that it will be related to the MacBook Airs or possibly the Mac Pro range. Both are due an upgrade so my money is on one or both of these.

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