Mac Pro and Mac Minis due August

Profile of Mac Pro

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Rumour is that the Mac Pro and Mac Mini range will receive an update in August, with Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt. This is according to  CNet‘s Brian Tong announced via Twitter. As previously posted, the last update to the Mac Pro was back in August last year. That refresh was to introduce the Quad-Core Intel Xeon cpu to the range.

No word as yet to what exactly the refresh will bring in terms of processor speed and other specifications. However, I would expect to see SSD as an option and the GPU to be from the AMD Radeon 6000 series. Thunderbolt is now part of the default package and with Sandy Bridge processors should see a significant boost to performance. This will be most welcomed by professional users as they have been somewhat letdown by Apple of late. Certainly, the offerings from the Windows platform have put what’s available on the Mac side to shame a little, especially in terms of value for money.

Apple can ill afford to ignore its core users and despite the massive growth in its iPhone and iPad business, buyers of Mac Pros are still an important market for Apple, especially after it killed off Xserve. Lets hope that as well as boosting the specification, Apple can compete on price as well.

As regards the Mac Mini range, it too will benefit greatly from an upgrade to Sandy Bridge, especially in light of recent announcements about OS X Server. Many will be looking forward using the Mac Mini as a great and relatively cheap server platform now that the price has come down so much.


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