Weird network connection problem


Image by Gory ^ via Flickr

After a great start to life with Lion, I hit a problem. After booting up today I found I couldn’t connect to the internet. What was weird, I couldn’t connect to my router either. Now at first I thought it was an issue with my ISP but no. I could connect with my daughter’s MacBook Pro but not mine. Hers was running Tiger, mine Lion.

Also, neither Wi-Fi or Ethernet worked. However, using a PC on the same connection I had no problems. After trying the usual stuff (resetting network settings, fixing permissions and disk using various utilities) I still drew a blank, so using my PC I checked on Google and came up with some solutions, most of which didn’t work (starting and stopping Wi-Fi, switching router on and off etc). One that looked promising (it had worked for some) was to delete Avast for Mac. Didn’t work for me.

In the end this tip did work:
I had the same problem. Only Google Chrome worked. I’ve restored the default settings by renaming the /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist to

/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist.old That solved the problem.

After re-entering DNS settings etc and then rebooting everything was fine. Weird experience and still not sure what went wrong. Hopefully Apple is on to it and has a fix to stop it reoccurring.

The full thread can be found here:


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