If you could go back in time and relive one day of your life, which would you choose?

MacBook Pro at the desktop.

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I guess all of us at one time or another have wished we could turn back the clock and relive some moment of our past. Perhaps we would make different choices or maybe we just want to experience the whole thing all over again. Certainly, life has its regrets and I am sure we could all think of at least one thing we wish we could change.

However, if we were to change our choice for that moment, who knows what consequences would result? That’s why the whole idea is so often a central theme in sci-fi and has been one that whole movies and books have used at their heart.

I would hazard a guess that many of those now appearing in courts across England, charged with various offences relating to the recent riots wish they could go back and change their choice. Some of course will remain defiant, at least in public, but deep down the vast majority are wishing they had done things differently, made different choices and avoided getting involved. At least I hope that’s the case or it bodes ill for the future of our communities.

Thinking in terms of computer choices which ones would you choose to relive and possibly change your choice? For me it would be to not try and fix my last Macbook Pro myself but instead send it away for the experts to fix instead. I have to admit that I botched it somewhat. Yes, I managed to fix some problems I was having but I was still left with a keyboard that didn’t quite fit properly. My daughter is somehow managing to use it, despite the fact that two keys are now missing (yes I did replace them but they fell off again and refuse to stay in place).

One thing I wouldn’t change is the choice to go with Macs rather than PCs. Although I use both, the majority of my personal and business spending has been on Macs. Why, because they just work better and last longer. Yes they cost more but the total cost of ownership still works out cheaper than for PCs. When you factor in the time lost to viruses, issues with Windows drivers and bugs etc then Apple wins hands down.

What about you?


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