iTunes Match Streaming that isn’t (according to Apple)

iTunes Icon

Image via Wikipedia

Most people thought that when Apple introduced its concept of iTunes Match and a digital locker in the iCloud, that meant that users would be able to stream music from their digital locker to their device (iPod, iPhone etc). However, in recent announcements Apple denied this was the case.

On further investigation by various bloggers it seems that its a case of semantics and users will indeed be able to stream to their devices, but not in the way we all perhaps expected. Good news is though that it’s looking as Apple’s way of doing things is actually better!

It seems that any track will in fact be downloaded to a local cache and be available for replay even when the connection the iCloud isn’t available. It will remain available as long as the cache isn’t cleared, which seems to happen whenever the user changes settings (such as to Airplane Mode).

Users will apparently also have the option to download tracks directly by tapping on the iCloud icon associated with each track.

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