Today’s the day!

Image representing Tim Cook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

Today is the day that most, if not all, of Apple fans have been waiting for. What will it bring and what impact will announcements have on the mobile industry? One certainty today is that everyone’s eyes will be on Tim Cook, as he takes centre stage in place of Steve Jobs. It seems somewhat weird to be thinking of an event like this not being led centre-stage by Steve Jobs. As Apple’s new CEO, the role now falls to Tim Cook to amaze the audience and wow us with the new iPhone and its features. Is he up to the job (no pun intended there)? Well, its safe to say that if Steve didn’t think he was then he wouldn’t be doing it.

We often focus on the performance of executives like Steve Jobs and Tim Cook in terms of their stage performance, delivering new product to the public but in fact what has made Apple so successful has been Steve Jobs performance behind the scenes, in making Apple successful at not just design but marketing, logistics and economies of scale. What’s important for Tim Cook and ultimately Apple is not so much what happens today on stage but what has been happening in the months leading up to today’s event and what will happen in the months to come. Apple has made mistakes in the past in meeting demand for its products and what it needs to do in the run-up to the all-important Christmas season is to make sure that it gets iPhones into the hands of eager consumers.

It would be good too to avoid any repeat of the so-called ‘Antennagate‘ issue over the iPhone’s poor reception when held in a certain way, the so-called ‘grip of death’. If the new iPhone(s) perform well and Apple can ship sufficient quantities then however well (or not) Tim Cook does on stage won’t matter so much. Apple will continue to buck the market and continue to dominate the mobile device market. Yes, we will miss Steve (and no, I don’t expect hm to appear in person on stage) but Apple has out-grown personalities (well, the personality of one man) and we are all grateful to him for him rescuing our beloved Apple.

Whatever we know at the end of today in terms of how many iPhones there are to be, what their specifications are and what we will have to pay to get our hands on one, one thing is sure, there is a new kid in town and he is his own man.

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