iPhone 4S – personal review

I have just acquired my very first iPhone and yes, its an iPhone 4S! I managed to upgrade my handset for £168 and my monthly contract, but pay less per month than I was previously. I guess being a loyal customer does have its rewards eventually.

I have been playing around with various apps and the camera too. At the weekend we visited Dunwich, on the Suffolk coast, where we used to holiday every year when the children were very young. It was a very blustery day with bright sunshine so not ideal conditions it would seem for shooting a video or two and taking lots of photos. despite this I managed to end up with some great shots. The in-built stabilisation definitely does work.

Fishing boat, Dunwich beach, Suffolk.

In this image you can see that the default settings have produced a well-balanced shot with good exposure and sharpness; this despite me having to lean against another boat to steady myself as I was being really buffeted by the strong winds.

In the video above there is a lot of wind noise, not surprisingly but considering once again I was being buffeted by the strong winds, the video is a good first effort and I am really impressed with the quality.

So, overall my first impressions are that the iPhone 4S is a very capable device for taking photographs and video. I won’t be buying a compact camera any time soon, that’s for sure!


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