iPad 3 heading our way?

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Rumours about the next iPad are coming thick and fast. Already there is talk of the iPad 3 rolling off the production lines in readiness for shipping in March. As for the specification of the new model, most sources expect the following:

Some pundits believe there will be two new models, with possibly one version being a sort of iPad 2S and the other being the new iPad 3, offering 4G as standard in the latter case and just 3G in the former. However, in my view, Apple likes to lead from the front and I can’t see that they will want to introduce an iPad 2S. Instead, I see them introducing the premium model, with 4G and keeping the iPad 2 on sale at a reduced price.

In terms of resolution, many are predicting a 2048 x 1536 retina display and there hints of this in iBooks 2 files and iTunes U. certainly, the combination of a higher resolution screen and the quad-core A6 processor will make the iPad 3 one desirable pice of kit, with much improved graphics performance, especially in games and video playback.

As for the camera, expect to see full HD (1080p) in line with the iPhone 4S. Other aspects remain unclear, such as the exact dimensions and weight of the new model. In addition, will the price be similar to the existing model or will there be a premium for the new model with little change in the price of the existing models?

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