Something weird is happening with my Mac!

Sometimes one finds oneself starting to believe in conspiracy theories. Just lately my Mac has been doing strange things and I find myself starting to wonder if there is something suspicious going on. I mean, these weird things started happening just after Mountain Lion was released. Now I am still using Lion as I always wait for others to discover the bugs as I can’t afford to have things go wrong in a major way.

The weird things include Preview screwing things up when I try to convert an image. For example, I have just bought a Samsung NX11 and as I prefer to shoot RAW and convert later to jpg after getting the max out of my images, I have been using Preview to convert my Samsung RAW images to Tiffs. This works but not every time. Also, when opening the image as a Tiff and then saving out as a JPEG, for example, it totally screws the image content up so its unusable. here are two examples of images screwed up by Preview:

Mono image screwed up by Preview

Another Preview disaster!

As you can see these images are totally screwed up! However, mn (ore than half of the images I worked on in this way were ok so I am not sure what is going on. I am tempted to start believing Apple is messing with me in an effort to get me to upgrade to Mountain Lion. I know this sounds crazy but other weird stuff ahs been happening and all of it only since Mountain Lion became available. Make of it what you will. For the time being I have given up on Preview for editing. Instead I am using Pixelmator or even my PC!

The other big issue I have is with Mail. Recently it started crashing badly and since Mountain Lion became available it has got unusable. Despite the usual troubleshooting (deleting preference files and using Applejack to do a deep clean of my system files) nothing seems to work. I have now given up and use Gmail in Chrome or Firefox to read me mail or use my iPhone, which is more convenient to be honest. Apple has neglected Mail so much in recent years I suspect they intend to kill it off soon once iCloud is finished taking over the world!

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